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2012-03 Hellyer

Greg Holtz – 22:15 (10th Overall & 2nd in Age Group)
Drew Jacobsen – 22:37 (11th Overall & 1st in Age Group)
Matt Mullen – 24:16

2012-02 Bay Breeze

Drew Jacobsen – 1:55:43
Joshua Rio – 1:50:14
Greg Holtz – 1:50:06

Noel Balzarini – 1:02:43
Emily Fain – 1:10:42

Chris Blair – 24:37
Amy Young – 38:10

2012-01 Coyote Hills

Half Marathon

Drew Jacobsen – 1:51:24
Greg Holtz – 1:52:29
Noel Balzarini – 1:02:35

2012-01 Brazen New Year’s Day

Several folks actually did this race after the New Year’s Eve race the day before. Total savages they are:

Drew Jacobsen – 25:36
Matt Mullen – 28:17
Noel Balzarini – 34:28
Amy Young – 42:39
Greg Holtz – 26:28

2011-12 Brazen New Year’s Eve

We had a great turnout for the New Year’s Eve race at Chabot this year.  This is turning in to a “destination race” for members of the MHRC crew. It’s a nice course, with some challenging hills (especially the 10K/HM), and of course it’s run by Brazen.

People who showed up and ran at this one:
Matt Mullen – 33:20
Han Le – 33:27
San Ly – 35:39
Corey Strock – 47:20
Monica Davis – 1:10:48
Amy Young – 1:14:38
Noel Balzarini – 1:16:47
Drew Jacobsen – 2:11:51
Greg Holtz – 2:19:03

2011-10 Rock & Roll San Jose

Here are the results of MHRCers from this race:

Corey Strock – 2:35:02
Greg Holtz – 1:57:21
Samantha Torres – 2:32:59
Tara Cuslidge-Staiano – 2:27:20

2011-09 Drag N Fly

Two members of MHRC braved the heat out at Contra Loma to run the Drag N Fly Trail Run. This was a savage course with some insane hills.

Brett 1:11:37 (1st in Age Group)
Corey 1:45:43

2011-08 Bear Creek

I think I may have been the only MHRC member that ran Bear Creek.

But 2 of our members volunteered for it as well and they deserve some praise for that.

Corey Strock (10K) 1:34:32

Greg Holtz & Matt Mullen volunteered.  Greg even had to run all the way to start to get medical help for a distressed runner. Big ups to both of the them.

2011-06 Hook and Ladder

Several members of the MHRC headed over to Wente Vineyards to participate in the Hook and Ladder run.

I think this is going to be the MHRC’s official flagship race. The swag is just soooo good.

Here are some of the resutls:

Matt 23:34
Chris F 24:41
Corey 38:05
Christie 34:43
Dani 32:05
San 33:11
Drew 53:09
Here is a pic of us with a giant Cookie 🙂

2011-06 Mountain House Fun Run

As you may expect, a whole bunch of MHRC members participated in our local race.  Below are some of their results:

Andrew Jacobsen: 24:21 (1st in age group)
Lori Frances: 29:12 (1st in age group)
Tara Cuslidge-Staiano: 29:56
Lisa Boulais: 33:38 (2nd in age group)
Jennifer Messner: 40:55
Matt Mullen: 49:09 (2nd in age group)
Chris Blair: 1:02:19
Han Le: 51:27 (1st overall woman)
Amy Young: 1:07:03
Janice Hom: 1:08:05 (2nd in age group)