2011-02 LMJS Couples Relay

The MHRC showed up with 7 people to the LMJS Couple Relay at the end of February.  We ended with four teams entered in to the event, and their results are below:

Gina 29:34.68
Matt 22:55.25
Total 52:29.93

Dani Time Unknown because she got lost 🙂
Drew Tim Unknown because he also managed to get lost 🙂
Total 1:01:12.93

Melody 30:54.67
Melissa 30:19.77
Total 1:01:14.44

San 29:40.86
Corey 31:47.61
Total 1:01:28.47

Everyone had a great time, and afterwards, we all went out for some lunch. There really is nothing like hanging out with a group of people you like, who also do the things you do.  Come out and join us:

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