2012-04 Survivor Mud Run

There were a whole lot of Mountain House Running Club members for the 1st ever Survivor Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms. With a Mud run so close, you had to expect a great turn out. I ran this as well, and I can assure you that it was muddy!!  I will update this post with my “after” pic once I acquire it.

Here are the results for MHRC members.


Chris Blair 41:43:00
Amy Young 41:44:00
Brett Burleson 41:46:00
San Ly 48:12:00
Corey Strock 52:25:00
Justin Barnes 53:34:00
Lori Francis 1:04:00
Corey Blethroad 1:05:13
John Balbin 54:33:00
Jan Michael Galvin 1:04:22
Marc Anthony Scott 1:37:48
Samantha Torres 1:47:49

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