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2012-04 Survivor Mud Run

There were a whole lot of Mountain House Running Club members for the 1st ever Survivor Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms. With a Mud run so close, you had to expect a great turn out. I ran this as well, and I can assure you that it was muddy!!  I will update this post with my “after” pic once I acquire it.

Here are the results for MHRC members.


Chris Blair 41:43:00
Amy Young 41:44:00
Brett Burleson 41:46:00
San Ly 48:12:00
Corey Strock 52:25:00
Justin Barnes 53:34:00
Lori Francis 1:04:00
Corey Blethroad 1:05:13
John Balbin 54:33:00
Jan Michael Galvin 1:04:22
Marc Anthony Scott 1:37:48
Samantha Torres 1:47:49

2012-04 Diablo Trails Challenge

On a busy race weekend, some members of the MHRC ran the Diablo Trails Challenge. This race took place out in Walnut Creek and reports are in that it was almost unbearably hot, but sometimes that happens on races.

Half Marathon
Drew Jacobsen 2:48:48

Sunduk Kim 1:12:02

Bernadette Weir 46:33

Great job in that heat!!