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Corey S.

I am one of the founding members, and I have been running since February 22nd, 2010. My running started as a result of a goal to lose weight (I have since lost 60+ Lbs), and it all began with the “Couch to 5K” program. Since starting C25K, I have now ran a multitude of races, including 2 Half Marathons. You can read my blog at

Upcoming Group Races

Hope you all like the new site!  And to go along with a new site, it’s time to announce our next group race(s).  Currently these are the next 3 races that I know we have a good amount of members going to.  Let us know if you would like to come too.  The goal is organize some carpools, and hopefully get some lunch after the races.

Brazen New Years Eve (Facebook)

Up to 16 people!!  And if you want to do the Half Marathon, Han and Autumn just started a plan that you can join in on (I think next week is 7 miles)

Brazen New Years Day (Facebook)

Up to 11 people!!

Hollywood Half Marathon (Facebook)

Up to 11 people!!  Including several first time Half Marathoners.

Send me a mail if you have questions.


Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new Mountain House Running Club website.

Whether you’re new here, or you’ve been a member of the club since the beginning, this is the place to find out about club happenings, record personal records, find race reviews and stay informed.

The site is still very much in development, so watch us grow and continue to come back for updates!