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Jason N.

I started running to reduce my “need to buy bigger clothes” expense and to prove my boss wrong! Back at the end of 2007 one of my co-workers put out a challenge to all workers. The challenge was to run a full marathon!

I have a “healthy” competitive side to me but I was hesitant to take on the challenge because I haven’t seriously trained for a race before. I usually just “wing it” but I knew there is no way I could do that for a 26.2 mile run. The thing that ultimately pushed me to take on the challenge was that my boss said “there’s no way you can finish a full marathon”. That was it! Game on! We started the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon 18 week training plan.

Long story short, I did prove my boss wrong! On March 2, 2008, I successfully finished the Napa Valley Marathon! After that I’ve been hooked on running. Additionally I’ve gotten into triathlons (swim, bike, run). I completed my first full Ironman triathlon on 7/31/2010!

Here is my race report from that first full Ironman race:

As you can guess from all the training and racing miles, I have learned alot about what to do and what not to do. A few of my long term goals are to:

1. Pass on the knowledge I have learned over the years to others that are just getting into endurance sports.

2. Get at least 1 new person every year to get “hooked” into running or cycling, like my co-worker did for me.

3. “20 by 40”, run 20 full marathons by the time I’m 40 years old!

Here is a list of my race results:

“There’s always a way!”

Corey S.

I am one of the founding members, and I have been running since February 22nd, 2010. My running started as a result of a goal to lose weight (I have since lost 60+ Lbs), and it all began with the “Couch to 5K” program. Since starting C25K, I have now ran a multitude of races, including 2 Half Marathons. You can read my blog at

Upcoming Group Races

Hope you all like the new site!  And to go along with a new site, it’s time to announce our next group race(s).  Currently these are the next 3 races that I know we have a good amount of members going to.  Let us know if you would like to come too.  The goal is organize some carpools, and hopefully get some lunch after the races.

Brazen New Years Eve (Facebook)

Up to 16 people!!  And if you want to do the Half Marathon, Han and Autumn just started a plan that you can join in on (I think next week is 7 miles)

Brazen New Years Day (Facebook)

Up to 11 people!!

Hollywood Half Marathon (Facebook)

Up to 11 people!!  Including several first time Half Marathoners.

Send me a mail if you have questions.


2012-06 Crazy 8’s Trail Series #1

The Crazy 8’s Trail Series kicked off in June at Eagal Lakes in Tracy, ca. So it was almost a local race 🙂 Two members of MHRC showed up for the race, and we both placed in our Age Groups.

Sarah Northum finished in 48:24 and Corey Strock finished in 1:02:05

2012-06 Hook & Ladder

We had a great turnout in Livermore for the 4th annual Hook & Ladder Run.  This is becoming “The Event” to go to if you are an MHRCer, everyone has a great time, the course is nice, the drive is short, and the swag is great:

Results (please note that these are gun times, as there was no chip timing this year)
Drew Jacobsen 22:30
Tyler Jacobsen 36:50
Sara Chavez 38:24 (not a member, but welcome to join)
Asha Sethu Madhaven 37:06
Amy Blair 38:45
Sara Faidley 48:12
Carla Floratos 48:35
Athena Rivera 50:20 (not a member, but welcome to join)
Greg Holtz 22:01 (Good enough for 2nd place in his Age Group)
Brett Burleson 27:55
Chris Blair 38:41
Corey Strock 40:44
Leticia Rivera 45:26 (not a member, but welcome to join)
Matt Mullen No time yet
Randy Cheng No time yet

2012-05 Western Pacific

MHRC had sic runners out in Fremont for Brazen’s biggest race ever. Greg and Drew ran their first ever Marathons.  Greg even wrote a race report.

Greg Holtz – 4:01:36
Drew Jacobsen – 4:22:25 (3rd in his age group)
Tracy Crane (Not a member, but a Mountain Houser none the less) – 6:49:44
Michele Lajeunesse (Not a member, but a Mountain Houser none the less)) – 2:02:05
Jason Ngai – 50:06
Jennifer Messser – 1:35:50
And we had 2 of us at Aid Station #1
Congratulations to all runners.

2012-04 Survivor Mud Run

There were a whole lot of Mountain House Running Club members for the 1st ever Survivor Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms. With a Mud run so close, you had to expect a great turn out. I ran this as well, and I can assure you that it was muddy!!  I will update this post with my “after” pic once I acquire it.

Here are the results for MHRC members.


Chris Blair 41:43:00
Amy Young 41:44:00
Brett Burleson 41:46:00
San Ly 48:12:00
Corey Strock 52:25:00
Justin Barnes 53:34:00
Lori Francis 1:04:00
Corey Blethroad 1:05:13
John Balbin 54:33:00
Jan Michael Galvin 1:04:22
Marc Anthony Scott 1:37:48
Samantha Torres 1:47:49

2012-04 Diablo Trails Challenge

On a busy race weekend, some members of the MHRC ran the Diablo Trails Challenge. This race took place out in Walnut Creek and reports are in that it was almost unbearably hot, but sometimes that happens on races.

Half Marathon
Drew Jacobsen 2:48:48

Sunduk Kim 1:12:02

Bernadette Weir 46:33

Great job in that heat!!

2012-03 Lagoon Valley

At least 2 members of the MHRC ran the Lagoon Valley race with Brazen Racing:

Drew Jacobsen 2:16:28 (13th overall)
Greg Holtz 2:17:01 (14th overall, 3rd in Age Group)
Great job guys!!

2012-03 Badger Cove

Brazen racing held their ” new race” on the 17th of March. The MHRC had a great turnout for this race. It was a rough and muddy course, but everyone completed it and we had 2 Age Group Top 3 finishers! Big congrats to Matt Mullen and Janice Hom for placing in their Age Divisions!!

Here are the Mountain House times:

Janice Hom 31:37
Alex Chen 32:16
Emily Fain 34:23
Daniel Hansen 39:26 (Not a member, but certainly welcome to join)
Fred Hansen 42:05 (Not a member, but certainly welcome to join)
Esther Crocker 47:36 (Not a member, but certainly welcome to join)
Alan Hon 57:08 (Not a member, but certainly welcome to join)
Mei Hon 58:52 (Not a member, but certainly welcome to join)
Matt Mullen 58:26
Jason Ngai 1:00:48 (Not a member, but certainly welcome to join)
Chris Blair 1:06:12
Carla Floratos 1:16:33
Tara Cuslidge Staiano 1:26:41
Corey Strock 1:27:34
Half Marathon
Greg Holtz 2:13:08
Drew Jacobsen 2:21:28
We got a group pic with quite a few us, so let’s finish it off with that: