2011-06 Hook and Ladder

Several members of the MHRC headed over to Wente Vineyards to participate in the Hook and Ladder run.

I think this is going to be the MHRC’s official flagship race. The swag is just soooo good.

Here are some of the resutls:

Matt 23:34
Chris F 24:41
Corey 38:05
Christie 34:43
Dani 32:05
San 33:11
Drew 53:09
Here is a pic of us with a giant Cookie 🙂

2011-06 Mountain House Fun Run

As you may expect, a whole bunch of MHRC members participated in our local race.  Below are some of their results:

Andrew Jacobsen: 24:21 (1st in age group)
Lori Frances: 29:12 (1st in age group)
Tara Cuslidge-Staiano: 29:56
Lisa Boulais: 33:38 (2nd in age group)
Jennifer Messner: 40:55
Matt Mullen: 49:09 (2nd in age group)
Chris Blair: 1:02:19
Han Le: 51:27 (1st overall woman)
Amy Young: 1:07:03
Janice Hom: 1:08:05 (2nd in age group)

2011-05 Bay to Breakers

Quite a few MHRC folks ran Bay to Breakers 12K. Here are some of their times:

Corey Strock: 1:31:18
Andrew Jacobsen: 1:06:07
Matt Mullen: 1:05:53
Samantha Torres: 1:35:45
Tara Cuslidge-Staiano: 1:25:46

2011-05 Devil Mountain Run

MHRC had 6 racers at the Danville Devil Mountain run the first of May.  There are two special mentions to be given for this race as well. Our very own Amber Strock was the 3rd highest money raiser for this even with 702.00 (and probably more because her company matched her donations). In addition, MHRC Co founder guy Matt Mullen acquired his second Medal for placing in his age group. He was 3rd in his age group. Big props to you both.

Here are everyone’s times for the race:

5K Results
21:26 Matt Mullen
26:43 Drew Jacobsen
31:53 Corey Strock
43:49 Amber Strock

10K Results
55:54 Sunduk Kim
1:00:14 Gina Rodrigues
1:01:00 Denise Smith (Not an MHRC member, but maybe this will come up in a google search and she will join)

Here is a pic of Matt and I with the other members of the Barefoot Runners Society after the race.

Congratulations to all of our runners, and see you all at the next one.

2011-03 Diablo Trails Challenge

Three members of the MHRC ran this event and 3 more volunteered at it.  Here are the runners times on this difficult and muddy trail run:

San 38:53
Samantha 39:09

Maureen 2:12:28

Great job everyone, this was a hard course.  Here are 2 photos I took at the race:

The course and San with her Medal

2011-02 LMJS Couples Relay

The MHRC showed up with 7 people to the LMJS Couple Relay at the end of February.  We ended with four teams entered in to the event, and their results are below:

Gina 29:34.68
Matt 22:55.25
Total 52:29.93

Dani Time Unknown because she got lost 🙂
Drew Tim Unknown because he also managed to get lost 🙂
Total 1:01:12.93

Melody 30:54.67
Melissa 30:19.77
Total 1:01:14.44

San 29:40.86
Corey 31:47.61
Total 1:01:28.47

Everyone had a great time, and afterwards, we all went out for some lunch. There really is nothing like hanging out with a group of people you like, who also do the things you do.  Come out and join us: