Jodi M.

JodiRunning has been an intricate part of maintaining my health and fitness.  I began my running journey as a means of getting some time to myself.  As I progressed, I decided to participate in running events.

I’ll never forget my first event. It was the Mercury News 10K held in San Jose on March 19, 1995. I was fully dressed in a thick grey & purple hooded sweatshirt with matching capris leggings and an afro-centric cap. Hair done…nails done…everything did…lol. Despite being heavily overdressed my time was 1:07:38. Not bad for my first race as a rookie.

Off and on I participated in various events including, but not limited to, the Big Sur 5K, Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5K, Elk Grove Fun Run 5K, Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5K, Fleet Feet Women’s 5K, Buffalo Migration 10M, and River City Run 10K. At some point in time, I set a “bucket list” goal to complete a half-marathon by the time I turned 50 years of age. I ran the Silver State Half Marathon, north of Lake Tahoe in August 2006. The altitude made it challenging to breathe. My time was 2:41:54 using a 3:1 run/walk method. Since this time, I’ve also participated in the River City Half-Marathon knocking 10 minutes off the time using the run/walk method.

As you probably detected, time isn’t a motivating factor for me. I run for fun!

Thanks to MH Runners, I’m getting back into the groove of running……………………….

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